About Us

We are a family of four – mom, dad two daughters – the girls no longer live with us, but they are frequent visitors to our home with their relatives, including several-year-old grandchildren. There have always been animals in our lives: dogs, cats, fish.

Until recently, fish (goldfish) swam in two ponds – fulfilling our and our guests’ spoken wishes over the pond. For some time now, there are no fish in the ponds, and the ponds and the stream flowing between them serve our four-legged friends as a source of refreshment on hot days, and the puppies growing up with us are going through the school of life under the watchful eye of their mothers. Four cats accompanied us at every turn for almost 20 years. After their passing, we are still in the process of deciding on the right cat for us. For many years we were also accompanied by German dogs, but since eurasiers appeared in our house, they fill our lives and it is to them that we give all our heart.

The first eurasier to join our family was Naomi, called Mokka at home. Her character traits confirm everything that has been written about eurasiers in various publications. Her impeccable character led to a new phase in our lives in 2014. We decided to use our professional qualifications and give joy to others, starting to create a kennel of dogs of this breed.

Me – Małgorzata – with a master’s degree in zootechnics – decided to handle breeding.
Andrzej – my husband – teacher, trainer, coach, lecturer, manager – decided to take care of the breeding from the formal and practical side, including the preparation of toddlers to leave our home to new families with the appropriate emotional and practical charge.

Our goal is to develop the eurasier breed based on the implementation of meticulously created breeding plans. Mainly we focus on the right characters, which will be a joy and support for the owners of dogs coming from us. Our bitches are excellent representatives of the breed, as confirmed by the awards and titles won at national and international exhibitions in which they participated. Their characters are as excellent as their genotypes and phenotypes, which gives reason to believe that the dogs coming from our kennel will represent this breed with dignity. Our dogs are healthy dogs, as befits representatives of the original breed, and they do not have any tendencies to food allergies or any other. They live with us in the house, but at their disposal is also a large 20-acre garden maintained in the convention of forest-park, equipped with two artificial water tanks connected by a stream. This is important because eurasiers need nothing so much for healthy functioning as water. In such conditions, their babies are born and in such conditions they learn to live under the guidance of caring moms and dog-sitters.

Naomi – the oldest, most beloved bitch in our kennel, due to the fact that two births in a row were by cesarean section, not wanting to strain her health, despite the beautiful offspring she gave, was withdrawn from reproduction.

Ajra – the perfect child of Naomi from our kennel Wolf Chow from Krakow and Idol from the kennel Lupus Ferratus – balanced, independent, cheerful, alert. She delights with her coloring and hair quality, which thanks to the strong genes of her ancestors she passes on in intense colors to her offspring.

Jaspis – a beautiful, gentle in phenotype and character female from the Lupus Ferratus kennel. A great alternative for those who want a eurasier with a softer build and submissive character, Jaspis is a lively “cuddle” giving us support in difficult moments. People who get to know Jaspis call her “princess”, because everything about her is aristocratic in a good way. She is of delicate build, has beautiful silky fine hair, and a perfectly balanced disposition. In her interactions with people and other animals, she presents herself as a cuddly, cheerful, gentle individual, which does not prevent her from attempting to dominate the herd at home.

The last in our family and, for many of our visitors, the first, is Vanilia. She is a bitch full of contradictions. She is gentle yet dominant, calm yet playful and full of life, obedient but knowing what she wants, light colored with a beautiful gray collar and a red glow. She is beautiful.