The picture shows our preferred coat colourings of Eurasiers. Apart from the ones above, Eurisiers’ colourings can be black, black & tan, cream black mask and other colour combinations except for pure white

The breed was developed in the second half of the 20th century. The Eurasier was created by crossing a Chow-Chow with a Wolf-Spitz and Samoyed. The breed was officially recognized in 1973.

Coat and colouring: hair – short, thick; colour – red, black, grey, fawn, sable. White is undesirable.

Character and behaviour: the best breed we know.

Not very demanding – called as “dog for lazy people”

Easy to train. Very intelligent; quick to understand commands and eager to follow them.

Long-haired, but doesn’t lose hair, not troublesome at home. They can stay outside as well – their long hair gives them excellent protection against cold.

Quiet but watchful. A great dog to be bred both in a house and an apartment, outdoor and indoor. Excellent guardian, doesn’t disturb the neighbours – barks only when necessary.

Always cheerful, as if smiling.

Loyal and devoted to the owner. Distrustful towards strangers.